Monday, April 27, 2009


I have not posted in a few weeks, life at the Veronie house has been rather hectic. We started t-ball this past week. I don't know if I have told you all, how CRAZY Braden is about baseball. The kid would rather watch the Rangers then anything else on tv. The other night we changed the channel to watch American Idol, he started crying, had a melt down over not being able to watch baseball(Oh my goodness). I know most of you are not surprised, given how much Steve likes baseball, but come on now. Anyways, Braden is officially a Muckdog. I have been told this is minor league team. I asked why we can not be something common, Cubs, Rangers, Red Sox, we went from Ironbird last season to Muckdog. Oh well as long as he has a good time, it really does not matter. Our first game is coming up this weekend, so be sure to check back for updated photos of the team. Oh I have to share this, the other day Braden was playing outside with water hose, he loves to waste water, should I say. I look out back and he has striped all his clothes off except his baseball hat and is hitting balls with his bat. I guess the wet clothes got to him. I took a picture, it will be one of those embrace me photos, I use when he gets older.