Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ranger Game/ Baseball Ready!!

Well the last few weeks have been really busy. I will start out with all good and fun news, we went to see the Rangers play. Braden is sooo in love with baseball, and as you can see he really enjoyed it. It was extra cool, because they put on a firework show after the game (although Braden did not like them, they hurt his ears). It was a great family date. We all really enjoyed it not to mention the Rangers won. Yea!
PS. I know there is two pictures that are the same, I could not figure out how to take one off. So after much frustration, I decided to leave it on...
Now on to the SAD news, last week was a really difficult week. It started off with my Mom totalling out her car in a accident. It was very scary because I happen to be talking to her when it happened. I was telling her that we probably would not be going to Waco for Mother's Day. It was quite alright with her, she said they did not have any plans anyway. Well long story short, a 19 year old girl pulled out in front of her and she t-boned her. She was alright, they did take her to hospital. Lots of bruising and strained neck but she is alright. Thank you for all the prayers. Well I listened to the good Lord, I felt like he was sending me a big message. I went to Waco for Mother's Day. It was very nice, however right before I was to leave we received a call from one of our Pastors. He told us that a very dear friend and leader of our small group Bible study had died and also his 10 year old son. This broke our Hearts.. We still do not know and will probably never know WHY? He was a awesome family man, father, leader and Christ Follower. All we know is that at some point Satan had taken over. Please pray for his wife and their other 2 children. We continue to struggle with pain in our hearts.